Missing Voices source features in V3 Firmware

In the PDF manual for v3 firmware

it mentions

The Voices mod source provides certain values based on the voice number. As with any
source, it can be used on any parameter (VCO tuning, stereo position, filter cutoff, etc.), with
the modulation range set by the mod amount.
There are eight settings for the Voices source, which are accessed by holding [Settings] and
turning the [Stereo] knob:

I only see the original 4 options in this page, not the 8 mentioned above

Turns out the manual is wrong -

they are under

Setting/Synth Voice/LFO/Voice Mod Source

Yeah… I was planning on posting the answer here as well on GS :wink:

So here goes:

The description in:
7.2.1. What is the Voices source?
is wrong. Something seems to have happened in the editing there.

The descriptions in the manual sections:
12.1.2. Preset > Voice settings Voices Mod Source
is correct.

I.e. you’ll find it in the Settings menu:
Setting/Synth Voice/LFO/Voice Mod Source

The 1st option, “Follows Stereo”, will cause the selection in “Stereo Modes” to take effect (that’s the menu you get by holding Settings and twisting Stereo, or by navigating to Settings/Out Section/Stereo Modes).


Well I was wondering if there was a shortcut to that new voice mod source menu.
You guys answered my question.

Not aware of any

But seeing the manual point to one, albeit a wrong one, there must be one…