Minilab3 skipping keys sometimes

Hello guys! Something really annoying is happening with my minilab3. There are times when I am playing the keyboard keys, like going up an scale, and some key is skipped, as if it was not played. Actually, sometimes, I can hear it, but it has a SUPER low volume. Its not a particular key as well, it happens with any key. Its random as well. And its like this since I bought it. I didnt have it fall or anything.

I tried increasing the buffer to high values, but it didnt make any difference. I also have minifuse2. Minilab3 is connected to the Minifuse 2 using the usb-port, and both devices have the latest firmware. I tested with ASIO drivers, and windows drivers as well, and it happens anyway. Its really annoying because when I am playing and the key is not registered, I get completely lost and everything goes down hill, and I have to stop playing and start again.

Is this something known? Or is this something on my end? What else can I do to get rid of this issue?

Hi @fscur. Welcome to the community.

At this point nothing have to be wrong.
This can just as well be about the sounds you use, and about how you play the sounds.

A mono sound can for example have a low note priority and alike. This can cancel a note, if you play legato style.
A sound can also not retrigger an envelope, so the attack is different on new note.
There can be more different reasons why a note dont play or sounds different.
It can also have to do with the velocity you play.

Do you have this behavior on any sound?
Please name a mono and a poly Analog Lab factory preset, where you have this behavior.

In some cases it perhaps also can be about a bad USB cable or connection.