Minilab3 seriously out of tune

Hi, new to MIDI controllers, but computer professional.

My MiniLab3 is seriously out of tune wrt all my tuners by +16cents on average: eg F# below Middle C is +6 cents (F# is sharp to G, I mean and G is +16 wrt G) on G in my tuners. Would uninstalling/reinstalling the MIDI driver work?

This is true across all voicings (tried various from Analog Lab 4 and V . Win 10 PC 12GB RAM with a SSD, Komplete Audio 6 interface with Cubase 12 LE.

Surely I must be missing something? I have an old Yamaha PSR keyboard that is normally 7 or 8 cents wrong, but there is a tuning function on it, so no issue.

Several reboots, uninstalling some older Cubase versions and un / reinstalling the MIDI driver worked - for now!

Don’t know how people less technical can get on with this, as it has been a complete battle, start to finish, or at lest NOW! Maybe I can try playing the damn thing now.

Hi @Houndy and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

I hear your frustration here and understand how getting a DAW etc set up can be frustrating and stressful sometimes. But I think it’s worth pointing out that the MiniLab3 is purely a midi controller and as such cannot be out of tune.

Of course it’s possible that a pitch bend message might have been sent from it inadvertently somehow, which could cause your issue, or there’s some kind of midi message being sent from something else in your DAW/setup.

If you encountered the issue whilst recording midi in a DAW, if you saved the session, it might be worth reopening it and checking what midi data is present on the midi track you were using.

I certainly appreciate your computer experience and credentials, but as you stated, you’re new to midi and it can be a little clunky at times as it’s such an old protocol now.

It’s VERY easy to miss an errant event, such as a sustain/foot pedal command and things like this can cause all kinds of ‘Unexpected weirdness’ if we’re unfamiliar or untidy with them.


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@Houndy It’s definitely possible the virtual instrument you are using is the cause of the tuning issues.

Please keep in mind that MIDI notes have values from 0-127 and therefore can’t be detuned due to it’s discrete nature, however, the piano samples from the plugin could be definitely out of tune or there might be a tuning option inside the specific plugin used.

Here’s some additional information for reference on these MIDI numbers:

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Thanks for your prompt reply Mat -= much appreciated.

As I thought, the MIDI cannot really be out of tune as such, but that was the manifestation & easiest description of the issue. Bizarre that the driver un / reinstall should sort it, but I’ve been around 'puters long enough to suggest it had to be either HW or the driver.

Between that, getting the Arp to correctly synch [both bpm and arpeggios (can be set either on the controller or in MIDI Control app, via Transport / Both)], Initially buying & trying an AKAI MPKII (ordered a III & received a II, which got sent back as it didn’t work with the Cubase), I was close to giving up!

Hopefully have the worst issues sorted and time to learn to use it.

One additional question I’d like to ask is whether CPU spec / RAM or Disk access is the worst / most likely component to cause white noise interference (mainly with bass drum and lower Toms) when playing?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks for that - useful info :+1:

I had thought it possible, but using different VIs from different vendors bore exactly the same discrepancy. Sorted for now anyway, but thanks Angeville :+1:

@Houndy Glad to be able to help :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I follow your question correctly but I think this might be related to the Sample Rate value selected in your Cubase settings. (Try increasing the Sample Rate and test again to see if there are noticeable changes)

Could you please share a small recording of this white noise interference ?

HI again @Houndy

I think your initial issue would have likely been caused either by an errant midi message or possibly installing software and not performing a restart of your machine. I’ve had ‘odd things’ happen many times over the years which have been ‘cured’ by a restart. If i were a betting man, that’s where i’d put my money as your posts seem to support that.
Thanks for your input too, appreciated :star_struck:
I do think it’s unlikely to be sample rate related if you look at the OPs OP, the amounts of pitch variance don’t seem to support this.

Re your noise issues, hard to say really, it could be caused by all kinds of things, could you post a couple of examples so we can hear them?


Basically it is when the system seems overloaded & need to press Panic to stop the effect/noise/output.

Unfortunately I haven’t time to create & record it right now, but will submit when I do.

Thanks for the assistance.


HI @Houndy

When you say ‘the system seems overloaded’ this suggests that you might need to raise the buffer size on your inteface, @Angeville seems to possibly be thinking along these lines too with their suggestion to

Might be CPU related as part of the issue too, can you list your CPU type and speed please?
I don’t think this is disc related, but i won’t hurt to list that too.

Let us know how this affects things please.