Minilab mkII to minilab 3: help!

Hello, I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me. I have been using the Minilab MkII for a year, although I have used it sparingly. I am about to migrate to the Minilab 3, but I have a detail, or two:

  • I have projects I’ve been working on, and in some presets, I could modify the filter env parameters (attack, decay, etc.). Now, with the changes in the controls of the Minilab 3, I can’t do it because faders have been added that by default control an output equalization, and the knobs where I could do it are no longer there. I have to go back to the MkII controls interface to modify them. My question is if there is any possibility to map those controls and how to identify which ones they belong to in the different instruments. I have never used the MIDI Control Center, and I don’t know if I can do it from there. I have checked it, but I still don’t know which controls they are (I hope you understand me; I am using ChatGPT to translate). Thanks in advance