MiniLab 3 Pad Velocity Suggestion

Hey there,

The pads on the minilab Mk3 are very-very stiff in comparison to other pads I’ve encountered.

I am aware of the different velocity curve choices found within the MIDI Control Center Software under ‘Device Settings’ which include Linear, Exponential, and Log.

I still find that regardless of these settings the pads are very stiff and dynamics are inconsistent.

My suggestion to possibly help improve pad sensitivity is to allow users to granularly customize a velocity curve themselves.

This could be easily implemented with a visual (x, y) graph that allows for placing points along a default linear setting.
-Adjustment of each point could then be done either with the mouse across the x and y of the graph or by selecting individually placed points and adjusting them with sliders that accompany the graph. (Maybe even with encoders of the minilab itself?)

I think a visual representation of pad sensitivity curves would be much more intuitive to users as well, and the (x, y) graph could present itself in a more obvious way, say in the ‘Controller Map’ page of the MIDI Control Center, so that adjusting sensitivity isn’t as enigmatic to users initially. It is currently in an obscure place in the UI when it’s arguably amongst the primary settings a user would want to find.

HI @Upontheground and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Thanks for the idea, i’ll mark it up as a feature request so our team are aware of it.


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I agree with @Upontheground 100%. It is challenging (to say the least) to do finger-drumming with Minilab 3. I am about to return the product because of this, I am extremely disappointed.