Minilab 3 Not recognized on Windows 10

I just bought a minilab mk3, I connected it to windows and it powered on but wasn’t recognized over USB. I tried installing the midi controller software and analog lab, but it still wasn’t recognized. I tried multiple cables and ports - and it still wasn’t recognized.

It doesn’t show up in device manager. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling all my usb controllers and that didn’t help either. All of my other usb peripherals work fine.

I also tried using the KORG uninstaller, and also deleting Nahamic as solutions I found online and still haven’t had any luck.

The unit powers up and all the knobs and functions seem to work except for being recognized by windows. I tried to go through technical support on the website - but it just 404s whenever I try to open a ticket. I’m at a loss. If it’s not even recognizing as anything when I plug it in, I guess I’m to assume something is fundamentally wrong with the unit?