Minilab 3 Knob behavior in Bitwig DAW Mode

Hi community,

I really like how the Minilab 3 in DAW mode automatically maps the 8 knobs to the currently selected device remote controls.

What I noticed though is that they still behave according to the takeover mode. So if the current value of the knob does not match the remote control value, you either get jumps, scaling etc. Essentially it behaves like you had fixed position encoders, instead of endless encoders.

I wonder if this could be improved as the controller script can read out what value each remote control has and sync this with the state of the MiniLab? That way, the knobs would immediately respond and reflect the current value.

If I remember right, this is how DrivenByMoss does it with some keyboards with endless encoders, like NI Komplete Kontrol.

This has been an issue since the Minilab was released. The encoders are set to an absolute mode by default. The only way to change them is to make a user profile and do it there, but then you lose some of the functionality of the default profile, such as the transport bar controls.

It seems as if fixing the Minilab is not important to Arturia.

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Thanks for confirming. Yes that’s also the only thing I came up with, but losing the full DAW mode is imho also not worth it.

Too bad, very likely this could be addressed with just writing the controller script a bit smarter (assuming the controller script can set the current knob values back via MIDI).

It may be smart to make such controller scripts for Bitwig Open Source. Then maybe such things could come back via contributions.

It’s really a shame because it’s such a great little controller other than for these oversights that seem easy to fix.

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