MiniLab 3 in REAPER

I just got a MiniLab 3 and have set it up in REAPER. The integration with Analog Lab when I’m in “Arturia mode” is working great with one strange exception.

The preset browsing works fine, including navigating categories.
Also the knobs 5-8 work fine, usually changing effect levels. And faders 1-4 also work fine.

However, when I turn knobs 1-4 (usually brightness, timbre, time and movement), the corresponding macro knobs move in Analog Lab, but have no effect on the sound. I have to move them with my mouse to make the sound change. The Minilab display also shows the values I am setting each knob to, but it will only actually change the sound if I use the mouse in the plugin.

Any ideas what I can do to get the first four knobs controlling the sound correctly?

Hey @soundcode it’s nice to see you here!
Could you please try using the VST2 instead of the VST3?

Please let us know how it goes.

Best :zap:

Sorry for the delay, was only able to test this recently. All the knobs work correctly on the VST2 version - the VST3 version has the problem

Thanks for reporting this @soundcode

We strongly suggest you to keep using the VST2 as we’re still working on the improvements for the VST3.

Best :zap: