Minilab 3 improvement suggestions


first of all, I like this little controller. Feels good, looks good, and the embedded software is quite good, providing various kinds of midi ports.

But at the same time, the device’s velocity does not start at 1, also the modulation wheel does not reset at 0.

This could be fixed with a firmware update, so you could set negative values / above 127 for the modulation wheel range, and the device would then min/max the value into the range. Same way velocity could be fixed.

I also would like to see a similar device, but with the following changes:

  • No compromises, really high quality, price can be high, too
  • 3-4 octaves, same form factor, aftertouch keyboard, better, finer velocity
  • Real endless encoders which send relative values, so no pickup value etc.
  • Physical mod- and pitch wheels
  • key leds for scales etc.
  • Better, more precise drum pads

My suggestions for a new frmware are:

  • Allow negative and above 127 values for the modulation wheel range (and then min /max it in the device), so a modulation wheel actually can start at 0
  • Lower start value for velocity
  • Endless encoders sending relative values, so no pickup value or scale value thing

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Other suggestions for users templates:

  • use Shift button to access another set of Knob9 to Knob16, easy as they are infinite encoders
  • allow the change of the text displayed when moving:
    • MainKnob + shift + click
    • knobs, ie Reso instead of Knob 1
    • sliders, ie Attack instead of Fader 1
      just a new parameter in Controller Map for each
  • let the last text from knob/fader stay until another change (ie Shift reset back to display the name of the Prog), even a parameter in the setting can set the duration: off/1;2;5;10;30 sec

Just a question, the dead zone at each end of fader is about 3 millimeters on my device, is it normal ?

Anyway, it is a very nice device as it is and can only get better with new firmware :wink:


Totally agree. The Minilab 3 is awesome but can be improved a lot.
I´m using it with Cubase when I´m working on the computer and with my MPC One when I want to work away from the computer and it works great, but it has limitations, mostly with the MIDI CC min and high values.

  • Allow negative and above 127 values I think is the most important thing. System 8 has encoders with -127 to +127, and some others goes from 0 to 255. The Jupiter X can go as high as 1024 (and low as -1024).

  • Editing the name on the encoder you´re using would be great too, that way you can see the MIDI CC name on the minilab´s screen.