MInilab 3 and Mac mini Intel 2018

Hello I’m Guido from Italy.
I have questions about use Minilab 3 with a Mac mini Intel 2018 with OS Sonoma 14.4.1
Screenshot 2024-03-29 alle 16.32.41
Here its specs
I’ll use Minilab for simple recording with Garage Band , Ableton or Reaper.
Can you tell me if there are problems or issues ?
Thanks in advance for your answer
Good Easter !!!

Hello Guido,

Good afternoon. First of all, thank you very much for your trust.
My experience (little) is within the Intel/Microsoft environment, I have no idea how Arturia operates at Apple. I have reference that Apple is a good platform for music production questions.
On the other hand, I use Cubase 13 and I don’t clone Ableton or Reaper either.
In Cubase, as far as I have been able to reach, Minilab operates correctly, although in Daw mode there seems to be some bug in Analog Lab to operate integrated that, apparently, can be resolved by configuring the Cubase MIDI interface.
Since for me at the moment it does not represent a real problem, I have not investigated it in depth either.

I hope my answer can be useful to you,

a cordial greeting

Thanks for your advice
MIDI not interest me
I hope anyone who know Max ambient can help me .
Bye from Italy