Minilab 3 and Garageband - 8 encoder knob parameters // midi channels

Hello - I’m new to this. Using Minilab 3 to control Garageband (GB), how can I see which parameters the 8 encoders are driving in a given GB keyboard patch? The screen on Minilab 3 doesn’t give me all the info - and try as I might by searching through the plugins, I can’t see what’s changing. Some of the movements in sound are great, I would just love to know what they are, so I can learn!

Also can’t figure out how to use midi channels in GB. Any pointers greatly appreciated!

Mac or iPad? on the Mac it’s likely the Minilab 3 is adjusting the smart controls.

GarageBand doesn’t use midi channels in the conventional way.

Hello - thank you for your reply. I’m on a Mac. Yes I think you’re right, but I can’t for the life of me work out which Smart Control parameters the Minilab 3 is controlling - I think it is within the EQ, but no dials are moving or numbers changing in GB. I wonder whether there are advanced controls that I’m not looking at. I’ll keep looking!