MiniLab 3 - Adding a DAW (Ableton) Undo Button

Hey there @arturia.official - my biggest issue with the Minilab 3 (after the encoder relative mode issue - see the other thread) - is that it’s missing a DAW UNDO button on the controller. For those of us who do live looping with this controller (which is the whole point of using this with Ableton specifically), is that as you practice, you are inevitably going to get things wrong. The most used function when live looping is UNDO, so you can practice and get it right. This has been brought up by many people online, including TEATRO (on Youtube) who said it was the controller’s biggest drawback. This is something that can easily be added into the python control script for Ableton, but it’s not something that can be done by a simple user mapping in Ableton. Many new controllers add this button in for this specific reason (because it has to be done in the controller script). Please add this as an option in the controller designer app that you have made. (As a suggestion, I would replace the Tap Tempo button with Undo - and if that was an option in the controller editor, it would be amazing).

Actually I found a decent workaround for this, someone on GitHub created an updated script that implements the delete clip feature as well as a toggle for the metronome. Here it is: GitHub - matttturnbull/minilab3: Resources and hacks for Arturia MiniLab 3 MIDI controller

@arturia.official I recommend you modify your default scripts with ableton to implement these features.