Minilab 3 & Ableton Live

Hello, I’m newbie using both, Minilab and Ableton Live. By applying shift + Pad 3 it seems both are “linked” but what’s is linked to what ? Documentation seems to me laconic for this usage. Is there a document describing each pad function ? Example, on Pad 7 the “Record” sign does not start the record, same for Pad 6 to “Read” or Pad 7 to “Stop”. Where I can find the script made by Arturia to setup Lite ?
No real good explanations found on the site & Web … Too bad!

Hi @vidalv

There is an overview of DAW integration here:

It links to this detailed guide on the Ableton Live integration

And this YouTube tutorial

I hope it gives you the info you need.

Thanks @tmoore I get already this documents, unfortunately not in French … But necessary to progress … Step by step :blush:

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