Minifuse 4 colide with samsung magician drive utility

Hi guys, I recently bought Minifuse 4. I had problem to connect it to my PC with Win 11. It showed as a drive for few seconds and than disappeared, if I turn Minifuse off and back on, same thing happened and so on over again. I tried reinstall usb and sata drivers, reinstalled chipset and still same. Then I tried shut down various running processes to see if there is not an collision. Finally I find out, problem is caused by Samsung magician hard drive utility. If I shut down running processes associated with Samsung magician, than problem disappear, and system can see minifuse without any problem or disconnection. What can I do about it? I need Samsung Magician, its quite good app.

Hi @davidmara and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

I think you’ve diagnosed your own issue there, it’s your hard drive utility software causing the issue.
I’m just wondering why you need to have it running during a session using your MiniFuse?
If you’re using modern SSDs/HDs there should be no reason to as they should be more than sufficient, unless you are running HUGE projects running a massive amount of audio files concurrently and/ have some kind of ‘striped’ disc setup.

Why not just unload the Samsung software before a session with your MF4 and then run it when you’re not using the MF4?


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Sorry but your problem is not a question for Arturia. It is a question for Samsung: why is their software causing your computer to not recognise external audio interfaces properly.