Minifuse 1 - Power On/off

i contacted arturia support when i got my minifuse 1

the problem is that i think it stills on (the leds still on) even tho my pc is turned off, mouse/keyboard are off too and turn on when the pc turns on
they told me to get an adapter with a switch and something like that and i was like huhh?

my older ai turned off when i shutdown my pc

also a feature request that would be amazing is the option to mute the mic on the minifuse control center program, whenever i want to mute the mic/input, i have to turn off the 48v and turn it on back again and wait a few seconds in between

i always have it on the side so i can see the peakmeter

maybe a dumb request for most people but i think it can be useful

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HI @Cassie and welcome to the Sound Explorers Forum.

Thanks for your suggestions, much appreciated!

I’ll log this post as a feature request so our team are aware of it.


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Hello !

If the MiniFuse is still ON even after the PC goes OFF, it means it is on a powered hub (or at least a powered USB port but I am not aware of computer keeping any USB power while it’s shutdown).

I personally use a powered hub with a switch, I then use the switch of my hub to shutdown the MF.

You’re right, this is a nice feature. I’ll log it as a feature request.

Cheers !

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@Cassie This also happens with my MiniLab MKII.

Not sure why but the LEDs are ON even with the PC off. (Not connected to any hub, just directly to the USB ports on the PC)

Anyways, I just disconnect the cable when the keyboard is not in use to avoid extra energy usage and seems to do the trick pretty well.

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I found this tuto (that I havn’t tried) which allow you to shutdown USB ports when the computer is off.

This could be your trick to get what you want :slight_smile:

Cheers !


the 1st option on the power management didn’t work but the bios setting did
i didn’t know that was a thing
so this has more power settings and it’s easier to follow

turning off the 1st setting alone did the trick