Minifreak vs minifreak stellar

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Is there a difference between “regular” minifreak and minifreak stellar ? I mean other than the paint job ?


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AFAIK and from what i can glean from the MiniFreak Stellar product page, the only differences are the paint job and the free sound bank it comes with.
Of course, it comes with The MiniFreak V also, which is used as a librarian/editor etc, as well as a plugin version of MiniFreak in its own right.


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This also means that all the errors I have described here in the forum will still exist as long as the firmware is the same, faulty version and may not allow patches to work properly on the hardware.

Personally, I am currently investigating the options for further action after contacting the German consumer protection organisation.

Sooo, it probably wasn’t that much work for Arturia to change the color scheme of the Minifreak but I still feel like it was so pointless. Just my opinion.
They also changed colors on the Keystep Pro to black and the Microfreak to black.
I find it would be way more “stellar” if they focused on new upcoming gear.
Perhaps im just being negative (and spoiled?), but damn, almost 2 grand for the Astro Lab !!!, why not just get your “XYZ Synth” aka, other gear you always wanted to try in that $2000 price range.
I bet if could Crave a lot too with that money but that would be Edgey.
I love Arturia Btw and I appreciate their time that goes into their hardware, software, Soundbanks, etc.

P.S. The first Microfreak (with updates) and the Stellar micro freak can achiever the exact same thing. correct.
If the Stellar Minifreak does have options the orginal won’t, well, that would be pretty rude

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