Minifreak V VST Nvidia Multiple Display Issues

My Minifreak V no longer seems to be working and I can’t figure out why.
I’ve tried Cubase 13 and Cubase 12 to verify it wasn’t the DAW. At first it was only when editing existing tracks, but now even when creating a new track the VST will not load. Standalone works fine.

It seems to be just the UI as I can play and record in the DAW just fine.
I’ve tried a reboot and a reinstall of the Minifreak V, but no luck.

This is one Windows 10 22H2


I’ve isolated the problem to be something to do with the display drivers. Mirroring the primary display caused a freeze. Having the VST be on a secondary monitor while Cubase is on a different monitor also caused a freeze. I’m guessing this is an issue in the Minifreak V plugin and not Cubase

This happened on drivers from 11/2023 as well as the latest (551.61)

Bizarrely, I fixed the issue of never being able to open it. Somehow having my TV connected as a mirrored display of my primary monitor was preventing that. Now it only freezes when opening existing tracks in a saved project.

Going off that, it looks like having the VST on a different monitor than Cubase was causing the freeze and failure to load. Unplugging my 2nd monitor so everything had to be on the same screen seems to have bypassed the issue, but I’m guessing something in the VST plugin needs to be fixed

Edit: It’s actually just loading the VST on my secondary monitor, doesn’t matter where Cubase is

The issue was the Nahimic Service. Had to disable that in Task Manager. Very weird, never heard of it before.