MiniFreak V Software after Version 2 is glitchy, slow, doesn't snyc to my MiniFreak correctlty

My MiniFreak Software does not work correctly anymore it does not usb midi sync with my MiniFreak, Anymore since the Version 2 Update. When does sync to my MiniFreak its very slow and glitchy and then stops syncing at after while. Software in general is very glitchy + slow since the update.
I have tired reinstalling the MiniFreak V software and nothing has changed the software is still buggy. The old version worked perfectly the no version doesn’t work at all. Anyone have any advise on fixing this problem

I have had several occurences where I’ve had to restart the MiniFreak with the USB connected for the V2 software to recognize it/connect, but once it connects it seems to stay connected. Feels a bit flakey though, not as solid as previously, where it pretty much always detected the minifreak being connected regardless of when/how it was connected.

I have connected sometimes to software via usb but then seems to disconnected and be out of sync even when it tells it in sync. It seems to be a bug in the MiniFreak V software version 2.0

Hi @Gabriel010 and welcome to the Sound Explorers Forum*.

The best advice I can give currently is to log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap:

I have done that just waiting for them to reply back.

In the meantime the issues seems to have been resolved after restarting & reinstalling the MiniFreak V number times.

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