Minifreak stop generating sound when OSC type pass through Formant


i have minifreak with the lastest firmware installed (received like that from the shop) and i have this weird behaviour.

both starting from a INIT preset or from an actual fabric preset, is i edit sound with any OSC type before the “Formant Type”, everything is ok.
as soon as i either select “Formant” as OSC type or any other types that it is after “Formant”, the minifreak suddenly stops makeing any sounds.

and whatever i do on the panel after, the only way to go back to having sounds is to turn it on and off.

but the behaviour is still there, i basically cannot use any OSC Types from Formant onwards.

is there a way to make an hard reset or what i should do ?


Can you please confirm if you do experience this with the unit disconnected from any computer to rule out any feedback of the type section ?

Can you also perform a settings reset in :

Utility > Misc > Reset settings to factory ?

Lastly you can run a calibration of the unit in :

Utility > Audio > Analo Calib

If any issue persists after running through those suggestions make sure to reach out to us through support and we will investigate this further !


Hi Leo,

yes, the unit was disconnected from pc/laptop. it was running on the wall plug and i was using headphones.
i had tried couple of time the Reset Setting with no luck.
now i am doing the analog calibration, i will update here when the calibration is done

i also raised a ticket from the website, here is the number: 871463

I would like to retry to re-install software, but i was not able to register the unit on the website with its SN and unlock code (raised the ticket 871460).

but any other hints / test will be appreciated

no luck even after the calibration.
as soon as i enter the Formant type, the unit stops generating any sounds :frowning: