MiniFreak + MiniFreak V = mind blown!

So, as many have reported I basically cannot play MiniFreak V stand-alone on my laptop (an older i7 quadcore) even setting the interface’s buffer to 1024 samples (NI Komplete Audio 6). But if I use it as a VST3i in Gig Performer it works fantastically well! Running in stand-alone mode I get tons of crackles and pops and the CPU usage reported by the program jumps to way over 100% virtually every time I press a key. Even idling it shows 25 to 30% usage. But in Gig Performer it works great, never more than around 15%-18% cpu even when banging away on big symphonic sounds and with a buffer size of 128.

Anyway, once that it was clear that it would work well in Gig Performer I connected the hardware to the software and sent sound out form each to my interface. Amazing! Some of the combinations are truly mind-blowing!



Hey @SleepIsWrong it’s nice to see you here!

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Minifreak & the MiniFreak V in Gig Performer.

Please share your sounds if you like at the Your Sound section

Let’s keep exploring :zap:

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