MiniFreak Display ‘Freaks Out’

My recently purchased MiniFreak is used partly in a teaching workspace. Both it, and a Casio CT-S500 experience display issues there. Other keyboards, audio interfaces/computers work fine. Thought it was a low voltage or corrupted power issue, but both keyboards still have display problems - fading, odd characters, whiting-out, etc. - when run strictly on a high-quality UPS.
I’ve tried different types of audio cables - TS, TRS, also using the headphone jack only (even nothing connected); same result.
The building that houses the teaching space also has a space for a local radio station’s transmission equipment. This could be the source of the MiniFreak’s display/functionality issue; but til now I’ve understood RFI/EMI to be more of a noise interference issue.

Any ideas about solving this problem?


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Maybe you need to shield the room somehow?
Possibly interference from the radio station’s transmitting equipment?