Mini V4 only has 6 voices?

Mini V3 has 32 voices. I’m trying the demo of Mini V4 but it looks like the maximum voices is 6. Am I mistaken, is there a setting I’m missing somewhere?

Hi @Synth

I’m not 100% sure and I’m not near my machine currently, but you could check the settings by clicking the 'cog ’ icon in the top right corner to see what’s in there.


The polyphony settings are on the bottom panel, not in the cog settings. And the maximum I’m seeing is 6.

That’s what I’m seeing too, a max of 6 voices.

EDIT: The User Manual agrees…only 6 voices. My guess is the new engine is much heavier on CPU, so they set a lower voice limit.

You got to remember though that originally these things were monophonic. So to have 6 voices available is actually a step forward for this synth.

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Yep, back at my machine now and indeed there is a limit of six voices.
As @simon.a.billington above points out, the hardware was, and indeed still is, monophonic.

Going from 32 to 6 doesn’t sound like a step forward to me. It’s also lost the motion recorder, and its modulation capabilities have been slashed, with the number of mod sources being cut from 15 to 4. It’s also lost its PWM capability. Paying to go from V3 to V4 is actually paying for a downgrade in terms of functionality.

Mini V4 Polyphonic is gone and the GUI is bad and hurts your eyes, the sound isn’t any better and still behind SynapseAudio Legend
In addition, the upgrade price for V-X is too high because not everyone needs acid sound, Wurli and CP-70…that’s too special.
A step backwards for me… and still no drum machine or Spark 2

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