Mini V4 : can't modulate oscillator frequency


I can modulate the filter or resonance with the LFO, but if i change the destination the any of the oscillators frequency, they don’t modulate at all.

Is this a bug ?

I can modulate using the classic OSC3 as lfo source, this does work though.


Hi @KeyLabrador ,

I’m on Windows.

It work fine here.

How do you control the LFO amplitud? It’s zero in your image.
Your OSC 1+2 FREQ destinations modulation amount is high. Pitch can be modulated a huge range - also depending on the LFO amplitude off course.

If you indeed have issues, then you can allways try to reintall Mini V4.

Tried again and now it works. Amplitude is still set to 0. Maybe it bugged first time i used it…
Thanks !

Good it work now.