Mini lab 3 doesn't work

Hi everyone, I can’t start my mini lab 3 on my Mac book pro.
The only sign of life is the word “ARTURIA” in the screen after 2 minutes of connection, but nothing else.
I think I’ve try all, but in logic pro x doesn’t work, and also when I connect it, no lights, nothing, only “ARTURIA” after 2 minutes.
What can I do ? I tryed to contact the support, but also with the instructions sended me by the support nothing change.
Thank’s in advance.

Hi @injured1 . Welcome to the community.

First of all - have you followed this startup guide: Arturia - MiniLab 3 - Click the “Start Now” button.
And have you got it going with Analog Lab in standalone mode - outside a host like Logic?
In case you need it, then there also is a setup guide in Analog Labs manual.

I don’t have a MiniLab controller, but perhaps the screen does’nt show anything else but ARTURIA untill it has been connected to something that can use it. You have to do the setups.

Can that be you issue?

I assume you are still in contact with support.

Hey man I also have the same issue. Did you get a fix for this?