Mini fuze one problem


I have buy an Audio interface (mini fuze 1) and I’m happy with it, but there is one thing strange…

When I plug my keylab essential into it, via the usb port on the back, it disconnects from time to time and my Mac pops up “usb overload”. Do you have any idea where this could be coming from?

I’ve upgraded my audio interface with the latest version…

thanks !

Hi @amulia . Welcome to the community.

Are you sure the CPU overload is caused by the USB hub?
If it is, then please check if there is enough USB power from the Minifuse hub to your needs.

I don’t know about MAC and when you exsperience the issue. But be sure your MAC USB connections are’nt being disabled to save power.

You can also try to reinstall the Minifuse driver.

And be sure you use a good USB cable of as good a quality as the one Arturia have provided.