MIDI triggering external sequencers

Hi everybody!

I just got a BSP & am working on getting everything functioning. I have the BSP as the MIDI master of a Behringer TD-3 & Crave + and old Skool Korg ER-1. I can get everything to talk properly but just one thing, everytime I hit the BSP play button all the Slave sequencers start. too They will play their internal sequence and the BSP sequence on top of it If I pause/stop the slave machines, the systems works as expected (BSP controlling everything). Once I hit stop on the BSP everything stops expected, but hit pay again & all the sequencers start again.

I have found a few threads that mention this situation, but have not seen the complete troubleshooting process & resolution yet. Probably good, it got me off my butt and this is my first post… :smile:


Hello and welcome.

I think I don’t quite understand the problem you experience. Especially the last part: you hit play again? And everything starts again…?

The reason I’m asking is a problem that I recently experienced myself, where everything works as expected until the first start and stop.

After that I can still restart everything as expected, but one synth in my setup won’t respond to notes played on the keyboard. Its internal sequencer still responds like it did before.

I have to restart that particular synth to play its sound engine through the BSPs keyboard, and it works until I start/stop its sequencer from the BSP.

Is this something you’re experiencing, too? Otherwise just say no and clarify your question (if needed), and I will start a separate thread :wink:

Thanks for the reply @MaikR!

To your first clarification questions.

What I mean here is that pushing play on the BSP causes all the slaves to play their internal pattern + the pattern the BSP is sending. When I push pause/stop on the slave machine, then just BSP pattern continues to play on the slave machine without its own pattern playing.

Now, when I stop BSP all the slave patterns stop as expected, when I push play again all the whole thing starts over again. All slave synths play and all the BST slave synth patters play at the same time again, until I pause the individual slave synths to just hear the BST patterns playing

I do think I might be seeing your issue too but have not been to distill it down to that exact thing, yet. I have have noticed that sometimes my slave synths do not respond the the BSP keyboard, but I have been fighting my primary issue & changing configurations tons.

I will pay closer attention to see if I am indeed seeing your issue too & report back.

Alas, I have found the solution of my issue & will close the loop. As a newbie with MIDI & my music adventure I think I may have misunderstood a fundamental MIDI concept: MIDI clock.

While just playing with my drum machines & synths without an external sequencer, I was used to setting one machine as the “Primary” and set its clock to internal, and all “Secondary” machines to external. This works just fine, push play on the “Primary” and the whole rig just goes per their internal sequencers. Finally I got tired of learning all the nuances of each internal sequencers, so I upgraded to a BSP ($75 bux a steal on Craigslist).

Wanting to just jump into the BSP, I followed the same concept and mapped all my machine clocks to “external”. Then when a sequence is triggered from the BSP, all the machines received the clock trigger & play their internal sequencers and the BSP pattern at the same time. I temporarily got around this by pausing each machine, then just BSP patterns would play. This got old really fast.

Finally, after some though I decided to try tricking the system by setting the MIDI clock of each machine to something other than “external” & BOOM. Now Ihe behaviour I expected, the BSP will control all the machines with its own patterns. A secondary benefit I found is that I can still trigger each machine on its own & mess with it individually to help with ideation, then program the BSP as needed. It also helps to test if the encoders are mapped properly to the BSP.

I think learning & discovery is one of the most gratifying parts of my new hobbie. The BSP has already taught me plenty. Best $75 I have spent in a while.


What did you change your externals settings too? As I’m having issues getting mine to work with bsp.

I have been just setting my synths to MIDI clock “internal” and things are working just fine.

Best of luck