MIDI Remote script for Cubase 12 has bugs with faders


I have installed the provided MIDI Remote script for Cubase. Most of the functions work according to the provided PDF manual. However, faders behave buggy - only the left most and the right most faders work, but they strangely change the level and the panning of the stereo output channel, not of the selected track. According to the provided PDF, the faders must control the level, the pan, and the levels of the first two send effects for the selected channel (track).

Just gave a quick check of the script, though I don’t have this device.
Faders 1 and 4 are mapped to the volume and pan of the stereo out, as you correctly noticed. However, this is their default. You can double click on these faders and reassign them to the volume and pan of the selected track.
On the other hand, faders 2 and 3 are mapped to the levels of sends 1 and 2 of the selected track, so they should work. Maybe you’ve accidentally reassigned them to something else (or even removed the assignments)? Here’s a screenshot of this midi remote’s UI, could you post yours so we can have a look?

Dear @mchantzi I am apologizing for such a late reply.

Indeed, you are right, the left fader is mapped to the volume of Stereo Out, and the right fader to the pan of Stereo Out.

However, the manual says:

Control some parameters of the current focused plugin (Device mode)
Control the set of 8 currently selected tracks (Mixer mode)
Control the volume, the pan and the 2 first sends of the selected track

So, as far as I understand, it should be the volume and the pan of the selected track, at least for the Device mode (it will be consistent with the knobs).

It does not make any sense to keep the right most fader to pan the Stereo Out (who needs such functionality, anyway?).

I posted this here more as a bug report for the development team.

Hi again, note that you can always reassign these faders to whichever hostValue you want, by double clicking these faders (or whichever other control you want) in the MIDI Remote UI. The Volume and Pan of the Selected Track are then found under Selected TrackPan Left-Right and Volume

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