MIDI out Chords?

Hi, I originally posted this question in the legacy forums a few months ago, but never received any response. I see that Arturia folks seem to be monitoring the new forum here, so I wanted to re-post in the hopes to get an answer to my question:

While I absolutely love the Minifreak as a synth, I was disappointed to find that chord mode doesn’t seem to work with external gear via MIDI out. When I have chord mode enabled and play a note, the Minifreak plays chords, but whatever gear the MIDI out is controlling only seems to receive the single root note rather than the full chord. I originally opted for the minifreak because I thought it had all the features of the Keystep 37 (in addition to being a synth). I am wondering whether others have the same experience. If so, was this just an oversight or is this not a feature of the Minifreak… (If so, I really hope that it is added in a future firmware update.)

Thanks in advance for the clarification!


Hey @uberlance thanks for reposting your question here.

Did you already checked the MiniFreak manual to go through this situation?
There is an special chapter about this on page 106:

As this could be a particular issue I suggest you also to log in to your account to contact our support team that could help you to fix this situation.

I hope you’ll find a way to make it work!

@sand.arturia Yes, I’ve reviewed the MIDI section of the manual several times, although it doesn’t really touch on chord mode. Anyhow, thanks for confirming that the expected behavior is for the Minifreak to output multiple notes (chords) to MIDI out when chord mode is enabled.

To troubleshoot, I just connected the minifreak directly to an audio interface and monitored the midi output on my computer. There is no difference when I enable chord mode on the Minifreak (i.e. only single notes are output regardless whether chord mode is enabled or not). I will contact support and hopefully get this sorted out. Thanks.

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Got it @uberlance, I’m pretty sure our support team could help you based on the features that the MF has for MIDI out.

Good luck!