Midi Mapping MINILAB MK3 for Roland MC 101

Hello everybody,

I bought a Minilab Mk3 for my Roland MC 101 and now I need the midi mapping to control the 101.
Could anybody help me with this and might supply a file?

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Hey @amselrad welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Just to clarify I guess you’re referring to our MiniLab 3 as there is no Mk3 reference on our MiniLab range.

To go through your need I strongly recommend you to check the MiniLab 3Manual as well as the MIDI Control Center Manual for the MINILAB 3

Let’s keep exploring :zap:

I solved this issue myself by having parts of the mc-101 midimap triggered by a Minilab 3 preset configured in the settings editor. Works very well

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Glad to read that!
Thanks for sharing :metal: