MIDI Learn Only Works on Arturia Prog mode--Why?

On Keylab Essential Mk3, MIDI Learn for software synths like Surge only functions on the Arturia Program mode. It would be more useful to have MIDI Learn function in DAW Prog mode but it doesn’t. Why not? To control some functions of the DAW I have to switch to the DAW Prog, then switch back to Arturia Prog to use knobs/fader assignments. It’s counter productive. Am I missing something here? (I’m on Logic Pro.)

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Hi @j49 ,

I don’t have a Arturia controller yet. But i believe the DAW mode is used to control the DAW. So MIDI learn should work for the DAW functions in that mode. However Keylab Essential MK3 have DAW scripts allready i believe.
When you select a mode, then you basicly tell the controller what the controls shall be used for.

In other modes i believe the transport bar is working for the DAW and MIDI learn works for plugins.

If others have better info please chime in.


My experience is that the control-click menu for MIDI Learn appears in both DAW & Arturia modes, however, the MIDI Learn menu does not function in the DAW mode–the software synth controls do not “learn” the knob/fader assignments. The 4 software synths I use only learn the Keylab’s knob/fader assignments in the Arturia mode and the synths only respond to the knob/fader movements in the Arturia mode, not the DAW mode. Transport controls work in both Arturia and DAW modes but only in DAW mode do the large encoder knob & contextual buttons respond. I’d love to hear from other users on their experience. I’m using Logic & a new Mac. --j49

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