MIDI learn not working in Renoise

I am trying to use the midi mapping feature and I cannot get anything to map, I press learn, right click on the intended knob to clear it, move a CC on 3 different controllers, which work with other plugins … nothing

anyone has any luck with that?

Hi @XC3N . Welcome to the community.

I’m on Windows.
I don’t have any issues here.
I don’t use renoise.

Do you have the issue if you use Acid V in standalone mode?

Are the other plugins where it work Arturia plugins too?

hey thanks!

Well I did more testing, it works with the VST2 version but not VST3… Renoise is kind of notorious for having a subpar VST3 implementation but I wonder if this is something that needs to be fix on Arturia or Renoise side x_X

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Midi Learn for VST3 work in other DAWs. So i assume it’s Renoise. But i can’t tell for sure.