Midi Learn CC for "Next Preset"

I turn on midi learn and add “Next Preset” but I do not know how to add parameters. Pressing my midi controller is not reflected in the app.

Do you know how to do this?


While I do not have MIDI Freak V, many other Arturia synths in the V Collection have this capability.

For many synths in the V Collection, I have mapped CC8 and CC9 to Previous and Next Patch respectively.

I have also configured two buttons on a PCR-800 to transmit those MIDI events.

The mapping works here - i.e. pressing those buttons on the PCR-800 do indeed cycle through the presets on the given synth.

The question is, have you confirmed that the buttons you are pressing, on your particular midi controller, are actually transmitting MIDI CC events when you press them?

Note: My system is PC running Windows 10 22H2. When doing mappings, I usually do it with the stand alone version, not as a VSTi


I can add this, that might be the issue.

Midi Learn is’nt enabled on your image it look like.
Click the Midi Learn button to enable Midi Learn before you click your controller button.

Thanks. I did try with Learn enabled but no such luck. I am trying to verify if my MIDI Fighter is send ccs properly.