Midi Joystick for Synthi V

Does anyone know of a midi controller with a similar joystick? I’m using an iPad with lemurr by liine, but it’s a little iffy and I’d like to experiment with actual hardware. I’ve seen people talk about yamaha sy-22/35 but I don’t need another synth in my collection and they’re expensive.

Hi @Dukeee and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

A very quick web search kicks up quite a few results for ‘joystick midi controllers’.

I use a Korg Minilogue XD myself if i feel i need a joystick to input.

Probably worth having a quick search yourself to see what might be available in your geographical area.

If anyone has one to recommend though, please post!


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Thank you for the replay, but it’s not helpful to tell me to just google it, which I did before even making this post. I did find joysticks online, but I’m looking for a certain type and I’m not familiar with joysticks.