MIDI in/out not working

I can successfully connect my BeatStep Pro MIDI OUT to my Pulsar-23 MIDI IN.

However, I just got an AudioFuse Studio and this is not working:
BSP MIDI OUT→ Audiofuse Studio MIDI IN
Audiofuse Studio MIDI OUT → Pulsar-23 MIDI IN

Shouldn’t that work? I don’t see any relevant settings in Audiofuse Control Center…

Doesn’t Audiofuse pass MIDI IN forward to MIDI out?

I’m trying to avoid connecting the BeatStep Pro to my computer by USB to reduce noise on the CV out.


I believe that is not the way MIDI IN & OUT ports work. If a MIDI THRU jack was present, that would act as a passthrough.

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I see. Thanks, seems you are right.

So here’s the solution. Connect the BSP MIDI out to the Pulsar-23 MIDI DIN.

Then, simultaneously connect the BSP to the computer via USB (using the included Y-splitter cable, which allows you to power the BSP from a separate USB power supply. Using the splitter cable presents introducing noisy computer electric hum into the audio chain. I didn’t even notice it at first, but one side the “Y” splitter cable is for your “PC” It’s hard to see, especially in the dark, so I wrote “PC” on mine with a permanent marker.

The BSP will send MIDI out to both USB and MIDI out by default – you can configure this in the MIDI Control Center app.

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