MIDI channel change - my keylab seems to send to all channels?


I’m trying a simple thing here : my Keylab 49 mkii is connected with a MIDI cable from the MIDI out to the MIDI in of a Behringer Model D. This is one is configured on MIDI channel 1.

I can play the Modem D, it’s working fine.

Then on the Keylab I press the MIDI Ch button + C# key to change to MIDI channel 2. I was expecting to hear nothing anymore, but no I can still play the model D ! Whatever the MIDI channel I configure on the keylab, the Model D receives what I play.

Is this normal ? What if I want to play two different hardware synths in MIDI by changing MIDI channel ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Capture d'écran 2023-11-29 233618
Btw, I just tried to use the View/MIDI console in MIDI control center, and I can see that everything is sent on channel 1 even after switching to channel 2

Hi @Alec.Eiffel. Welcome to the community.

Are your Arturia controller set to follow the Global midi channel in the template you use?

Oh yes, I was confused because in the MIDI control center I saw that channel was set to user. So I changed it directly on the keyboard, and yes it works now :wink: Thanks !


Great it work. Thanks for reporting back.