MicroLab with battery-powered Roland S-1

Is there a way to use the MicroLab with a battery-powered device like the Roland S-1 or J-6? I just got one for this purpose but it doesn’t work because presumably the S-1 isn’t sending power to the MicroLab.

Is there some magic to make this work, like a splitter or routing through another device? I feel like I’m missing something obvious. Or should I just have gotten a KeyStep with its own power?

To answer my own question, it seems like I need a USB midi host or to go through a computer. (A bit disappointing as I was hoping for a more portable setup and usb midi hosts look to cost as much or more than the microlab itself.)

This video explains it well USB & MIDI: Everything you need to know to get it right (USB MIDI Host vs Interface explained) - YouTube