Microfreak playing with modular- but only very briefly

I recently upgraded my ‘Freak to v5, and took advantage of the potential to fill all 512 preset slots. Playing “Shorties” today (#64 in the 4.0 presets) I figured it would go well with a percussion track from the modular, so I clocked the Freak from Pamela’s Pro Workout. However, on four occasions, very soon (within 30s) after syncing the Freak to Pam, it froze while I was filter jamming- three times on the cut-off knob, once on the res knob. The effect was that of a hanging note- nothing I did on the Freak would stop it, except turning it off altogether, which I had to do four times.

Is this an issue with this patch? With the Freak in general? Or does it simply not like clock in? It’s a bit of a waste of a synth if I cannot sync it to other gear. Anyone else had this issue?


Sorry to read about this issue.

I tried to reproduce it with a similar setup: MicroFreak’s clock synchronised to a Matrixbrute, the “Shorties” sequence running, while playing with the cutoff, resonance or other parameters for several minutes.
no freeze occurred.

It would be interesting to try on your side with another hardware device as master clock, other MicroFreak presets, and to make sure that the MIDI control center isn’t running while the sequence is being played.

If your problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact our support team, who’ll help you find a solution.