Microfreak now somewhat multitimbral but needs refinement

With v5 came the Sample engine which can be used in an incredible number of ways.
Like most parameters, the sample selection can be assigned as a modulation destination in the matrix.

If you set the modulation to 100%, you move up and down samples at every key.
If you lower the ratio you get less sample changes and start defining zones over the keyboard with different tones.
If you set it under 10% you end with a split keyboard and different sounds in each zone.
If you do this in paraphonic mode, you have an actual multitimbral split keyboard.
You can play bass tones, piano, pads, anything at once depending on the samples present in the machine.

It’s limited in the sense that all parameters but sample choice affect the entire keyboard, also it’s only multitimbral for different notes.
To get multitimbral (paratimbral ? Not sure) you’d have to detune a sample or another so the zone it occupies gets transposed.
And of course you’re dependant on the order of samples.

So yeah a lot of limitations but it works.
However, I haven’t found a true logic in what happens when you change the ratio. Therefore I’m unabled to precisely defined the split zones. Anyone understands how this works ?

edit : thanks to Olivier’s message, I found that if you set the matrix amount to 4 you get a split at C3

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The modulation amount does the following:

With a low amount, several keys will lead to the same sample.
With a high amount, keys are more likely to play a different sample.