Microfreak and Conductive Labs NDLR?

I‘m using a lot of Arturia gear in my hybrid Hardware/ Software Syths Setup ( DAW: Ableton Live, Hardware: Microfreak, Minibrute, DrumBrute. Software: Pigments. Recently i bought the CL NDLR as generative Sequencer (btw: a mighty, mighty module). It is connected via MIDI and USB and everything‘s just perfect. The only trouble is, that the Microfreak Never Stars at the selected preset but jumps back to an empty INIT Patch After a few tones. Right now i did Not find a way to keep him back on track. Any ideas? Thanks for your patience as it is probably a simple issue to solve… any help will be appreciated…
Cheers Nick

Hi !

NDLR is quite buggy sadly, I sold it years ago and buy a Torso T-1 and an Oxi One to find out wich I will keep. I ended keeping both ^^

I now it doesn’t help that much, but your trouble probably came from the NDLR configuration or a NDLR bug.

Hi and thanks for your reply. I might go for the oxi one as well but it’s a little bit costly. The Torso is sold out right now. In the meantime I’ll struggle with the ndlr….