Melodics with Minilab 3

Hello everyone

  • I am quite new to (Computer assisted) music.
  • I want to get a master keyboard. I may want to buy a Minilab 3 including because it comes with the Melodics app.

In a shop, the retailer told me that a small keyboard may not be a good idea because it is too small to let me learn things properly.

Do you agree ? Do you disagree ? Why ?

Hi @toftof and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum

There are different views on this subject, if you are wishing to take up keyboards/piano seriously, then yes it’s a very good idea to learn on a high quality full sized instrument or controller.
Smaller controllers and controllers with smaller keys can be useful for several reasons, they can be a good way to introduce children to a keyboard, useful for those with smaller hands who aren’t too bothered about developing serious technique, many people have limited space; and they are highly portable.
Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how far you wish to progress with your keyboard skills though.

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