MatrixBute controlled by BeatstepPro Pitch/Velo/Gate outputs

This post concerns the Matrixbrute and the BeatstepPro connectivity.

In the BstPRO manual you find the following section 1.3…1:

1.3.1. Pitch/Velo/Gate outputs
These are normally used together to send electrical signals to an external device such
as Arturia’s powerhouse monophonic analog synthesizers (MatrixBrute, MiniBrute/SE, and
MicroBrute/SE) or to a modular analog synthesizer. The Pitch output is often referred to as
Control Voltage or CV.

I watched the important video by the great Victor Morello on Matrixbrute Connectivity but I haven’t seen the BstPro controlling the Matrixbrute through the BstPro Pitch/Velo/Gate outputs (to MatrixBrute CVs in).

Of course, the BstPro can send clock to the MB and standard Midi. But in my setup, the BstPro is sending midi drumtrack to the Drumbrute. I want to send one of the other BstPro sequencers to the MatrixBrute, hopefully through BstPro Pitch/Velo/Gate outputs.

I hope what I’m saying is clearly spelled out :sunglasses:.

It works with two trs cables one going from BstPro Pitch to MB VCO1 pitch and BstPro Velo to MB VCA but there is no gate in available on the MB. The sound goes on forever when the BstPro is halted.
The trs cables are stereo. I presune it doesn’t matter.

I do need some insight on the Gate parameter.

I presume the solution may be to insert the BstPro Gate signal anywhere (eg. LFO 1 Amount) and set this parameter to shut the … volume(?).
It’s a strange world since some parameters work (resonnance, cutoff) but some don’t like Env1-2-3.

You patch the BstPro Gate into the MatrixBrute Gate in. I was looking for a Gate in the CV ins and outs.

I use a Y cable from the BstPro Pitch to MB VCO1 and VCO2 pitch patch. The Pitch Gate Velo of the other sequencer can be sent to unfilled MatrixBrute CV ins.
The result is a strange new domain. Punchy basses and strange drones.

The only problem is when you stop the BstPro: there remains a signal in the MatrixBrute, resulting in a rumble or high pitch sound.