MatrixBrute Noir

I have only had this unit for a week and a half and this was parts of one evening spent experimenting with presets. Amazing piece of gear.

Hi @DanceRockDJ and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

It’s great to hear you’re enjoying your absolute BEAST of a synth there, that’s one awesome bit of kit!!!

I’m afraid i can’t listen to your material as, either my ad/cookie blocker is blocking it, or there’s something not right with your link.
It’s the first time i’ve encountered this, so it’s probably the latter.
If you can repost it then we can all have a listen :sunglasses:


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I like how the MatrixBrute console can go upright—I wish the PolyBrute did that. Very Mission Control!

I love that feature as well. It really gives it that old school vibe. And the low end in this this is tremendous.