Mapping Expression Pedal to Aftertouch

I have an expression pedal wirking great with my keylab essential mk3 88. I can receive expression cc data and map in ableton just fine. However, what i would like to do is map expression data to aftertouch so i can use the aftertouch features of cs-80 V with the expression pedal. Please comment if this not a good idea but im trying to find a max for live midi effect that i can insert before the cs-80 (or any instrument that supports aftertouch) to map expression cc data to aftertouch. Ive searched the community max device list but i cant seem to find one that does this. Thanks

Hi @Coolbeans ,

Aftertouch is a speciel midi control not like the controls we normally call midi CC. So normally you can’t control aftertouch with a midi CC.
However - Perhaps some midi mappings tools in your DAW can do this remapping somehow.
Also afaik there do excists software that can make the connection/ remap midi. But that’s a more technical solution, if it at all is a solution for you.

In CS-80 Expression pedal midi CC#11 is mapped to the EXP and WAH among the controls left of the virtual keyboard.

Unfortunately Expression is’nt an option as modulation source in the Advanced view. I would like it was.

Thanks. I am fairly sure I could create a Live device to do this. I will continue looking for one if I can’t find one I will have a go. Thanks!