Mapping CC Knobs to Pigments

I’m having a strange problem trying to map the CC knobs on my KS37 to the 4 Macro knobs in Pigments (running in Ableton Live Suite 11). The “Learn” process works for knobs 3 & 4. When I try to map knobs 1 & 2, it doesn’t pick them up. Even stranger, when I move knob 2 I can see the modulation control changing in Pigments, which doesn’t make any sense. I’m using CC Bank 1, but I’ve tried the others and they do the same thing.

My KS37 is on the latest firmware (1.0.4) and I have set MIDI Control Channel to 1 in Control Center - it was on User, so I thought changing it to 1 might fix it, but it didn’t. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get Pigments to recognize knobs 1 & 2. Ableton recognizes the KS37, and it has no changes from default settings.

I’m at a loss here. What’s getting in the way?

Hi @Ephemeros . Welcome to the community.

If the knob is set to use midi CC#01, then it make sense.

There are midi CC’s that in many applications is reserved. Midi CC#01 is for example used for the modwheel, and midi CC#11 is used for Expression pedal. This is the case for Pigments.

It perhaps can be a good idea to find a generel midi Chart like this one:

Perhaps start with using midi CC#16-19 for the Macros like allready is used for Pigments default midi config.
In generel it can be a good idea to use the midi CC’s colored green in the linked midi chart, unless you map something that a certain midi CC usually is used for.
Keep in mind, that it’s not a must in all cases. But it can often help as many application use certain midi CC’s for certain controls.

I see, so does that mean I would need to manually set the CC in Control Center for that particular knob in that particular CC bank…to something that is not reserved by Pigments? The modulation pad on the KS37 works just fine, which was one thing that I found confusing. Thanks for the help!

The modulation pad probably is’nt set to midi CC’s that in Pigments is reserved.

I don’t have a Keystep 37. I don’t know if you have to use the midi control center to do it. I assume you have User midi CC templates of some sort.
But yes you shall use a midi CC that’s not reserved like the ones i mentioned to control Pigments macros.
Try and test it.