Making use of efx-motions

I always found it a bit of a struggle to fill the space in a track without overloading it, in this track I have tried to make best practical use of efx-motions.
This is the first time I have properly explored its infinite possibilities and am looking forward to moving on with it.


Not my usual music taste but a very good mix. I think I can hear the use of EFX. I find it a great tool as it is so versatile and can be applied subtly or insanely.

Hi and welcome, Undesignated.
It’s always interesting to hear what people do with their musical apps.
If I’m not mistaken, I hear a drum, a bass arpeggio and a accompanying track treated extensively with efx_motions.

HI @Undesignated and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

As @Funtmaster says above, it’s not really my kind of music personally, but it does sound VERY good and it’s always nice to hear how people are using their Arturia products, this is a very nice showcase for Efx Motions for sure! :sunglasses: Please don’t be shy in posting more!

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Thanks for listening and giving some feedback.
Francoise - absolutely right, and I tried to make use of efxmotions in different ways to fit the mix without it jarring.
Funtmaster - I hear you, this one I just finished I did use it insanely!
MatJones - This new piece is 100% Arturia - Pigments, Fragments and Motions.


Please check my earlier posts. I am giving away my original Pigments patch collections for free. You may find some sound you like in there…

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I have tried to have a slow evolving efx-motion over 32 bars or more. Is it possible to do that?


You can be very creative and change the rate of the dynamics, either set it at a tempo you like or vary it through a piece.
I have used it on a piece of music lasting 7 minutes and it constantly evolves.
Another thing worth trying is a good way to make things interesting.
Record something at 144 bpm then put it back in an Audio track at 72bpm, or other way round:)
Hope that helps

Thanks for taking the time to reply and suggesting ideas :raised_hands:

If I understand correctly you could shape a whole piece, say, changing a filter setting starting at 0% and ending at 100% from the start of the piece right until the end?


I don’t know if all DAW’s do the same but in Cubase I use the Read Write and manually make the changes live as the piece goes and then tidy it up.
No limit to how to change the source, either from using a pre-set or just make your own up as you go along. Literally:)

Am in the middle of finally focusing on a piece instead of doing it so quickly in a Ramones style and am doing exactly what I just said. Not just with Motion but with all effects, fascinating learning curve.

Hope that makes sense.

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I’m in Logic, I assume the read/write would equate to something like automation: recording the parameters you change on the-fly. Awesome idea. Got to try that

Ping your work when it’s done.

I used 2 motions in this track - kept the actual piece very minimal and then added them on top of each other.:slight_smile:

Look forward to hearing what you do.

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