Main Site Down 20240123

It would appear that the main site is down presently (18:27 UT)
I do hope it’s nothing serious.

Hi @Kozmyk

Great to see you’ve made it here to the new Sound Explorers Forum.

Thanks for the tip off!

It might be down for maintenance, but I’ll try and let someone know!

Thanks again.

It’s just really laggy, probably due to the Pigments 5 release and bandwidth being eaten by downloads. It happens every time there’s a big software release.

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All up and working now.
Likely it was something to do with increased traffic.
Whatever, it’s back now. :+1:

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It was completely down for me earlier too, but up again now.

Quite possibly due to increased traffic for the pigments 5 update as suggested.

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I still don’t see the presets load on the Sounds tab. It just keeps trying to load the Sounds information but nothing comes up.

Same here: I can’t load the Sounds page. I thought it might be my browser (Safari) or the content blocker I have installed. Good to know it isn’t just me.

The main Sounds page looks like it’s back now, but the new Sound Packs for Pigments are not showing up in the Store inside Pigments to download yet.

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I downloaded mine yesterday from - My account - My Products - Exploration Bundle - Access Resources.

I ended up doing that too.

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Hi all,

Sometimes when a new product is launched, then there in my exsperience for different reasons unfortunately can be issues. A little patience is normally all it takes. Perhaps untill the next day.
Product sites need to be created, download links etablished and perhaps other maintenance and on top of that a whole lot of traffic.
It’s for example also not unlikely soundpacks is’nt in the application store at first either or sometimes on the Sounds page.


Is the Sounds page on the Arturia site down for anyone else? (March 3, 2024). Would like to go through the packs available for Pigments, and the Sounds page is the only way to filter the results so that only the Pigments packs appear. Hope this will get fixed before the sale is over.

It’s down for me as well.

Down for me here too. Great timing with the sale on and all!

<<Down for me here too. Great timing with the sale on and all!>>

That’s literally the reason. It’s not really ‘down’, it’s just congested and can’t take the traffic.