Lower volume output on PB6 firmware

Some of us have already noticed that our master volume and headphone knobs don’t quite seem to be getting us to the previous output levels on our interface meters after the latest firmware update with MPE.

Is this going to be permanent? Something to do with a shared bit of firmware code between PB12 and 6?

New PolyBrute Connect is awesome, BTW… thanks.

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I concur, headphone knob needs to be turned up quite a bit to compensate.

Also, some old patchs from banks available on the store are ridiculously quiet. But when you go to “patch volume” it’s already at maximum (8), and if you revalidate 8 nonetheless : voila, the patch volume gets right.

@discombob do you confirm that by re-setting the preset volume you get back to the desired level ? Thanks !

We’ll wait for discombob’s answer.

However, Seb, there are two symtoms :

  • global output volume of the synth is a tad lower (I’d say around 25% lower), and this is true for every patch or even when starting from init patch
  • for some old patchs it’s far more than “a tad lower”, they are barely audible, as if patch volume was as 1

I’ll try later to find an example of patch having trouble.

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Yes, a preset name would help a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks !

I’m noticing volume inconsistency too, beyond just being a lot quieter (which kind of sucks in its own right).

One example, patch “Welcome Machine”. If you go to Preset Volume, it shows “Preset Level 4” as selected. If I re-select “Level 4”, the volume gets noticeably quieter, as if the real value was closer to “Level 6”.

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“Metallic Piano” or “Mute box” from bank Neon moonlight are good examples.

Maybe it’s intended by designer, I don’t have PB with older firmware to check, but like Talamahut said sometimes the preset volume really has strange behavior.

I must also note that I had no problem of this kind with factory presets, only with 3d party banks.

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I didn’t notice the problem on Mute Box, but it’s definitely there on Metallic Piano. “Preset Level 1” is selected, but when I re-select it, volume drops sharply. It seems like it’s actually set at about 6.

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We did finaly reproduce on our side.
Thanks a lot about your feedbacks !!!
We will fix that as soon as possible.



Hello everyone,

Also something to consider :
We got an issue with the preset volume feature when your “Master Volume” or "Phones " knob was not at 100% in the past firmware versions.

In order to fix it, we had to recalculate the mapping of these both knobs. As a result, if in your setup, you use the PolyBrute with the knob not at 100%, you will get a volume difference between the past and current firmware version (you will have to raise a little bit more the knob).

Note that you can still reach the same maximum volume than before when your knob is at 100%.

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I think that’s exactly the feeling I get about the “overall volume being lower” : I must set my headphone knob a bit higher, but when turning it all up it still is plenty loud :wink:

Thanks again guys, it’s great to have access to the product team

Dear all, just as a reminder -
you can change the Preset Volume in Connect for A and B separately.
The setting in the Out Section will show the setting of A only.
If you correct the setting in the Out Section, it will change both A and B to the selected volume.

But basically I think the output of the PB 6 is on the lower end.
To get the full blast of the PB I have to switch the line input on my mixing desk to +4 and the Master Volume completely to the right.
The PFL is then in the Yellow area of my mixer - to my taste the right setting. I have an analogue mixer by the way.

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Good tip!

Adding that all switched parameters (those than can morph, i.e. not Timbrality settings etc., and not the FX types) can be edited separately for A and B right on the synth by using the Morph mode and selecting “Edit A” or “Edit B”.

@StudioDeutz @DrJustice Ahh nice find! So the Preset Volume setting(s) are correct, but you have to be aware of what’s actually selected to display/modify on-screen, since that setting is all done via the menus. I hadn’t ever modified Preset Volume for my own patches, so I wasn’t aware.

It might improve usability to display the currently selected A/B option in a corner of the screen for settings like this that only affect the selected A/B sound, since even the Morph knob doesn’t indicate what is being acted on in this menu page.