Love letter the BSP

im using the BSP for meny things, iv got a berhinger x air 12. BSP connected over midi works like dream. mutes and level faders on pots works well. plus i use over usb sync with tthe daw.
iv owned since released. and havent look back. the modular stuff is good. 8 trigger outs must have in any modular studio. i just love it design and feel. proper work horse.
any way just my 2 pence on the subject


Hi @denzulnovacmod. Welcome to the community.

I’m not an Arturia employee. Just a user that’s moderator. But it’s allways nice to hear positive stories. Thanks for that. I’m sure Arturia appreciate your 2 pence as you put it.


… And that’s a +1 from me too :sunglasses:
Always nice to hear positive feedback.