Lost resource paper, need unlock code. Emails have just been copy and paste placeholders

I purchased a Keylab 88 2 weeks ago, and the resource paper got lost during the unpacking/install, so I do not have an unlock code to register it to my account. Is there an easy way to prove ownership and get a new code generated? I have receipts from the purchase from Sweetwater and I can provide pictures of the serial number.

Hi @lastrock88 .Welcome to the community.

I suggest you contact Arturia support.

Also i assume seller have a copy of the informations.

I did contact Arturia support, but its now been a week with no reply. If this wasn’t something I actually need for my job, I would just put it on the back burner, but I need this to register so I can change some settings for work. I’ve reached out to Sweetwater, they don’t have the info.

Hey @lastrock88

All my Arturia products have a sticker at the bottom with the Serial Number and Unlock Code so maybe it’s possible that your Keylab 88 might also have one as well.

I hope this helps

It does not unfortunately. It only has the serial number. The unlock code was on a resource guide/quick start guide that somehow got lost during unpacking. I had a few people in and out as I was putting it on the stand, so my guess is someone saw a piece of paper on the ground, thought it was trash, and tossed it.

@lastrock88 By any chance have you been assigned to a Request Number already ?

If not, I’d recommend to reach Arturia Support through this link directly:

https://www.arturia.com/support/askforhelp/registeringRegistration & Activation

The last email does have a support request number. I suppose patience is all that’s left. As I said in another reply, if I didn’t need to register this to change up some internal settings for work, I wouldn’t be as worried/impatient. I’m hoping they get back quickly now.

Hi lastrock88. Did Arturia support ever resolve this for you? I bought a used KEYLAB 88 mkii from a Guitar Center in the United States. I created an Arturia support request when I found I could not register the serial number because it’s still on the original owner’s account. Arturia support told me to email back a photo of the serial number sticker (on the bottom of the mkii). They said once I did that they would unregister the mkii from the original owner and then register it to my account. Seems like that would take them about 5 minutes but they haven’t done it yet and they give no indication of how long it might take or if there is still some outstanding issue.