Lost control surface interface with Ableton Live 11

Hey everyone. I’m hoping someone can help me. As of last night, I have lost the ability to use the Keylab Essential control surface in Ableton live 11. It was working earlier this week. The only thing I see on the keyboard now is a single DAW pad lit up orange when ‘MIDI MAPPING’ DAW Select (Pad 2) is active. I have no transport capability, pitch bend wheel, or the ability to switch the tracks. I’m not sure what to do. Something has happened and now it’s just a really nice looking MIDI controller. Would re-establishing the Mackie control in the MCC help?

A couple of things: I factory reset the Keylab - but I believe that’s for user settings. I was having an issue with my pitch bend wheel not being recognized in Ableton. At one point it became a volume fader! This occurred after I MIDI mapped the channel 1 slider on the keyboard channel to change parameters in the VST. Ableton called that “pitch bend” and not a ‘CC’ number. I don’t know if that interfered with the control surface setting. Selecting ‘None’ for control surface then clicking on ‘Keylab Essential’ in Ableton MIDI control surface settings didn’t help. Still no integration. I’m really lost here.

I mainly will be using this keyboard for live shows and was hoping to get these bugs worked out last night. It can still be used as a MIDI controller - notes triggered and mapped per the MIDI selection (turns blue) in Live. I truly want to use the transport and left-right arrows because I change VST instruments on the fly during live performances and I need the pitch bend wheel to function as well.

Any help would be great! Thank you.